Raw material organic raw sheep's milk
appearance the rind is wrinkled and the paste is white and
tast e sweet and slightly tangy, with notes of animal,
mushrooms, underwoods
mat uring at least 8 months
curiosity this pecorino is the matured version of Velathri;
it takes the name from "La Pecora Nera Show"
(the Black Sheep Show) and event organised every
year by Lischeto, during which different type of
artworks takes place within the farm; year after
year an artistic park of Black Sheeps has been
created at Lischeto farm.
Code 30997· Weight: 1.1kg ∙ Minimum order: 1 piece
Our Pecorino Pecora Nera bio by Liscieto is an organic (biologico) product manufactured in Toscana.
Storage Temperature: 4 degrees