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Praline bigusto

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Pack of 195 bigusto pralines: Unusual Gianduia - a dark chocolate praline with a soft stuffed Gianduia with sweet salt of Cervia - Cacao bean's dark chocolate - a 75% cocoa chocolate enriched with cocoa beans Criollo of Venezuela pack of 5 trays x 39 pralines each: 3 trays of Unusual Gianduia (117 pralines) 2 trays with Cacao Beans (78 chocolates) Fabio advises to serve them at the end of the meal in conjunction with a distillate: a barricade grappa, a port or a vermouth for the Unusual Gianduia praline and a good rum for the Cocoa Bean Dark Chocolate.

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Emilia Romagna
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1 pack