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Cooperativa Rivabianca - Paestum (SA)

  • Cooperativa Rivabianca - Paestum (SA)

The cooperative Rivabianca was born from the initiative of some farmers in the plain of Paestum, with a long tradition of buffaloes and ensures breeding that its products are made with fresh milk, obtained exclusively by the members' stables.

"Our manufacturing process preserves rhythms and craft gestures", says Rosa Maria Wedig, President of the Cooperative, humanities, soul breeder before it manufacturer. "It is developed in two phases: the natural fermentation at a temperature of 38 ° C and the spinning and docking, to a very high temperature, above 90 ° C. Hence an absolute guarantee of hygiene, health and reliability. "

With Rivabianca we initiated a project aimed at ensuring the continuity of cooperative use of buffalo milk throughout the year. That's why, in addition to the classic mozzarella, we propose also a seasoned buffalo cheese: a production that aims to absorb the surplus winter buffalo milk, in order to ensure greater summer production of mozzarella with fresh milk.