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Artigianquality - Bologna (BO)

  • Artigianquality - Bologna (BO)

Artigianquality is an artisanal firm in city centre of Bologna for the production of the traditional Mortadella. The firm is managed
by the two young siblings Simona and Francesco Scapin who told us that the real heart of Artigianquality is their father, Silvio

Silvio started working in the charcuterie sector since he was 12 years old, acquiring experience and knowledges and
developing his own recipes. A few years ago Simona and Francesco - with the great experience and support of their father - decided
to open a new business for the handmade production of mortadella.

The raw materials are carefully selected, such as the excellent
meat of Mora Romagnola pig, and during the production are not used by-products, flours, chemical aromas or emulsifiers: the
fragrance and the flavour of the product are the result of excellent raw materials and a long baking at low temperature.