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Pasquini e Brusiani - Bologna (BO)

  • Pasquini e Brusiani - Bologna (BO)

In Italy, Ennio Pasquini is considered the "Master of Mortadella". Ennio was born in 1934 and is producing Mortadella in the same way since 50 years.

He is still using today the same technique of the old years, when he was a boy working with his father in law. To maintain his tradition, Ennio decided to refuse the PGI regulation: that's why he cannot name his product Mortadella Bologna, even if he is the last artisan producing the true Mortadella in Bologna. Some of his secrets?

Carefull selection of meats, no nerves or discarts in the meat mixture, lard coming only from the throat, perfect mix of spices, minimum use of preservatives, length and temperature in the cooking process.