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Fromagerie Jacquin - La Vernelle

  • Fromagerie Jacquin - La Vernelle

In the Jacquin family, goat's cheese is a passion that has lasted for nearly 70 years. Adrienne Jacquin  founded the  company in 1947 in the north of the Berry province, an old French region of the ancien Régime, which no longer exists but still presents strong cultural elements, in particular gastronomic. She converted a small room in the family home, where she started to ripen some goat's cheeses from neighbouring producers. In Adrienne's days, cheese ripening was not the only activity. The family also farmed some land. In 1956, her son Pierre joined the business and  settled a ripening building a few kilometres away, at La Vernelle. In 1976 that they started to produce cheeses themselves, with the construction of a dairy. The third Jacquin generation of Pascal and Christian took the reins during the 1990's: Pascal took on the position of business and management director, and Christian that of head of production. 2010 also saw the arrival in the company of  Pascal's son, Romain,  the fourth generation. Today Jacquin  Cheese  dairy works in partnership with more than 50 farms located within a 40 km radius from La Vernelle, in the Centre-Val de Loire region, where it collects goat's cheeses all year round to be matured and milk for its own production.