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Cosmo Di Russo - Gaeta (LT)

  • Cosmo Di Russo - Gaeta (LT)

The farm Cosmo Di Russo was born in 2008 when, after Cosmo finished the studies, he decides to renew the tradition of the family that for generations has been dedicated to agriculture.

Already the great-great grandfather's Cosmo cultivated the land on which stands the present company. Pasquale, the Cosmo's father,was a farmer when he was a child. He is the centerpiece of the project column, thanks to his experience and his inexhaustible optimism.

In a few years the Cosmo, along with dad Pasquale and his brother Elio were able to make known the famous Gaeta olives around the world, today their company is the only one to produce the Gaeta olives, precisely in Gaeta. Already famous at the time of the Etruscans and then the Romans, olive growing areas of Lazio and Tuscany has always paid off.

The culture is in these areas of favorable elements: the hilly terrain, the constitution of the land sands, the proximity of the sea. The company can boast the brand "Natura in Campo ·

The products of the Lazio parks", granted only to activities in the agriculture sector who undertake to use and apply techniques and criteria for environmental impact reduction.