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Macelleria CIS Massimo - Ledro (TN)

  • Macelleria CIS Massimo - Ledro (TN)

In the rural communities of the past every family specialized itself in a profession that served self-sufficiency of the village or the valley. The Cis family, peasant like all other Bezzeca families, it was stamped in time in a butcher and completion of the work in the fields, passed the house winters at home to break the head of cattle and turn them into meat to be consumed immediately or in the coming months. The Butcher was born in 1889, founded by Angelo Cis, a family tradition, now in the fourth generation with Massimo, it is considered one of the masters of Luganega and Carne Salada and one of the depositories of the secrets of salami typical of the Sarca and Ledro.               

  • Gluten Free