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Meggio Roberto - Grigno - Trento (TN)

  • Meggio Roberto - Grigno - Trento (TN)

It was in 1962 when Roberto Meggio began his business venture, opening a small shop in the small town of Grigno in Valsugana.

Since then, more than fifty years have passed and over all that period Roberto managed to turn his small shop to a real factory producing sausages and cold cut.

Today the family business is run by the sons of Roberto, Ezio and Nicoletta Meggio. The Luganega is the flagship production of the Meggios, but they produce a wide range of charcuterie containing all the typical products of the Trentino area: from speck to the smoked meat, to a great variety of salami.

In their production they use all the different parts of the pig, not to waste anything according to the tradition.

Meggio produces today charcuterie of high quality, in accordance with the rural tradition of that area, using fresh ingredients, processed them very carefully, according to the recipes passed from generation to generation.