Rolled Pancetta produced from the meat of the heavy pigs, 180-185kg grown in the Lombardy and
Emilia Romagna regions. This Pancetta is DOP – protected name – a name after the Piancentina
area. It is aged for 6 months. The taste is sweet, round, full to the palate and buttery, characteristics
that make this pancetta unique in cooking. When sautéed it gives a strong toasty and nutty aroma.
Code: 78244 · Whole ∙ Weight: 4-5 kg ∙ Minimum order: 1 piece


Code: 78245 · Half piece, vacuum packed ∙ Weight: 2-2,5 kg ∙ Minimum order: 1 piece
Our Pancetta Piacentina DOP is traditionally and entirely manufactured in Emilia Romagna, giving it its unique qualities.
Storage Temperature: 10 degrees