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Marcel Petite - Jura

  • Marcel Petite - Jura

The Comte Marcel Petite is considered by the French one of the most representative images of the Jura Department and the character of its people. Refiners for five generations, the Petite family has developed a special method for curing Comtè.

In 1966 Marcel Petite acquired a stronghold at 1000 meters above sea level, Fort Saint Antoine, used during World War II as a munitions depot, with the feeling that it would be an ideal environment for the Comtè aging. It was a brilliant intuition: in the underground stone structure with arched roof is in fact characterized by temperature and humidity conditions ideal for aging.

Today Marcel Petit collects Comtè of 36 manufacturers, to a matured for around 45 days. All of the cheese is brought to the Fort where it remains for a period defined from time to time. Every three months each batch is examined during a tasting session: the forms that meet the sensitivity requirements, the persistence of flavor and intensity continue refining, other forms are instead transferred to other cells and held for sale.