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I Contadini - Ugento (LE)

  • I Contadini - Ugento (LE)

The Trentin farm, now in the third generation, is born in one of the most famous lands for growing vegetables, Puglia, more precisely in Ugento (LE), in one of the southernmost parts of Italy's "heel" In Salento.

The particular climatic conditions of this sun-kissed country, soil composition and sea influence make it possible to obtain excellent vegetable production.

Cultivation is carried out directly at the farm in all phases, from transplantation to harvest: over 20 hectares of tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, peppers and artichokes grown on open field.

An integrated farming method has been adopted to ensure a pesticide-free product: prior to collection, analyzes are carried out to verify the product's residuals and to ensure the healthiness of vegetables.

The vegetables are dried to the sun on traditional gratings: a very old and almost completely abandoned practice because it is difficult and delicate but offers an unmatched result: softness of the flesh, preservation of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.