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Scyavuru - Ribera (AG)

  • Scyavuru - Ribera (AG)

Scyavuru in Sicilian dialect means perfume, smell, fragrance: this is the name chosen by Tortorici Rosario to its farms in Ribera, in the province of Agrigento and to its products: jams, jellies and jams. They are fruit producers for three generations, stronger family ties and passion for agriculture, the three farms holders' decided to pool their resources to face a new challenge: Scyavuru born, a flavors and tastes' laboratory that completes the production chain. "We respect the fruit a lot - says Rosario - and for all of our jams we use only the finest fruit, the one destined to the table, and seasonal. Because, even in our jars, as the saying goes, you can find what you put there. " They are used in processing natural pectins extracted from the peel of citrus fruits to shorten the cooking times and enhance the fruit, preserving the aroma and colour of products. Ancient and authentic traditions, taste Sicilian passion, love for the local culture: these are the three pillars that underpin the farms Scyavuru. Emotions that we found by tasting their jams and we invite you to try.               

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