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Caseificio Il Fiorino - Roccabegna (GR)

  • Caseificio Il Fiorino - Roccabegna (GR)

For Fiorino cheeses are a family art. Angela and Simone, today the owners of the dairy continue a tradition that began in 1957 with Duilio Fiorini, dad of Angela. Since then, philosophy is always the same: craftsmanship, which takes place entirely within the owned dairy; And a sheep's milk only coming from the hills of Maremma, harvested within a 30-mile radius of the Dairy Farm. A quality confirmed by numerous awards, both in Italy and abroad. When, several years ago, we met Angela and Simone the one that struck us was their enthusiasm and their transparency. When we also tasted the products we realized they were really aligned with our philosophy. The thing we liked most is that they only work with local milk, so with their cheeses they really talk about their territory.

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