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  • Giannarelli

In 1953 Nestore Giannarelli, our father, opened his deli-butcher's in Bedizzano, the largest village that rises above Carrara on the marble mountain side of Colonnata. There he started to cure cold pork cuts and, above all, to cure lard, which was the main sandwich meat for the marble quarrymen who lived in the area.

It was his son Marino who registered the "Lardo di Colonnata" trademark in 1996.

In 1997 a company was founded for the production of Colonnata local cured pork meats, including Lardo, Pancetta and Guanciale (cheek lard). In November 1999 Carlin Petrini founded the First Slow Food Presidium right in our processing plant situated at 35, Via Giardino in Colonnata. The company (awarded CE IT 9-2497 L and CE IT 1980 L licences) has two processing plants in Colonnata, their addresses being 35, Via Giardino and 2, Via Comunale.

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