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La Capreria - Montegalda (VI)

  • La Capreria - Montegalda (VI)

La Capreria is a farm located in Montegalda (VI), in a flat area near to Berici Mountains. In addition to milk processing, La Capreria produces directly most of the forage needed to the 200 Saanen goats' owned power.

The animal feed rules out the use of silage maize and vice versa as the main food hay on permanent pasture, supplemented by grazing in fenced meadows. This type of feeding, once commonly practiced among the place's dairy farms, but today it become a distinctive about La Capreria.

La Capreria cheeses are produced with Saanen goats' organic milk reared on the farm, with the possible addition of milk collected in the Belluno area. The milk is processed directly in their small dairy. We were won over by the Enrico and Laura's enthusiasm, that are pioneers in the goats production in Veneto.

Their adventure began, thirty years ago, with the belief that, now as then, better is the animals' feeding will be better the milk and then the cheese.               

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