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Molino Quaglia - Vighizzolo d'Este (PD)

  • Molino Quaglia - Vighizzolo d'Este (PD)

Molino Quaglia is a family business that from 1914 has milled only the finest grains. At the age of 13, Angelo Quaglia, the founder of today's mill, left his family who had been millers since 1856, to start a small stone-grinding mill built on rafts moved by the waters of the river Adige. Then, in 1937, he moved from the river to dry land, at Vighizzolo d d'Este (near Padua), where the mill grew to industrial sizes (1947) under the guidance of his son Annito Quaglia.. Since 1989, the company has been run by the three siblings Lucio, Chiara and Andrea Quaglia. 

It is currently the only industrial- sized Italian mill to have developed a modern stone-grinding process that uses the most advanced technologies for cleaning the grain of foreign bodies, weeds and mycotoxins, in a production environment that protects the flour from external contamination, all the way from the millstone to the sack. Meanwhile, Molino Quaglia's new stone grinding wheels see only common wheat grown in Italy with a short supply chain that helps both the environment and the consumer.

Among the unique features of Molino Quaglia is the little factory for toasting bran and wheat germ and, since 2013, a plant for the germination and assisted fermentation of cereals and pulses in a mother yeast culture, which boasts a patent that is exclusive in Europe.  Then an adjacent progressive milling plant with cast-iron cylinders that is the most advanced in Italy, where the wheat, personally selected year after year wherever the climate offers the highest quality, is transformed into fine flours for professionals of bread, pizza and pastry making, and cooking in general.

The expressions of a family of millers who have gradually combined, like no one else, the quality of craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology that helps transfer the inestimable energy of wheat grains to the table.                

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