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Ponte Vecchio - Vidor (TV)

  • Ponte Vecchio - Vidor (TV)

Ponte Vecchio is farm run by Italo Curto, cheese-maker since 1974, together with his sons Stefano and Fabio, the forth generation in a family devoted to farming and cheese-making.

Curto family controls the whole chain, from the production of grass and cereals to the feed of the animals and then to the cheese-making. Italo is one of the founders of the Consortium Disolabruna, an association of producers which promotes the cheeses made with milk from the Bruna cow. So, at Ponte Vecchio, they raise their own Bruna cows within their farm and produce an interesting range of raw milk cheeses in their own dairy. All over the year the company is located in Vidor, at the foots of Prealpi of Treviso area, whereas in summer all the family and the animals move to Malga Mariech, a mountain dairy located at 1500 meters hight.

"Tradition that renews itself" is the slogan of Ponte Vecchio, thanks to the sinergy between the long experience of Italo and  the best technology, the result of technical knowledge and fresh thinking of his sons. Stravacco, a new version of Morlacco, is the cheese that better represents their vision.

As Fabio says: "Tradition is yesterday innovation".