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Tenuta Borgoluce - Susegana (TV)

  • Tenuta Borgoluce - Susegana (TV)

Borgoloce is a company that has made ecological sustainability and biodiversity its mission: 1.220 hectares of pastures, forests, farms, cultivated fields, vineyards, orchards, canals, mills, dairies.

An intact environment, owned by the Collalto family since the twelfth century, when this variety allowed to produce in the estate all the products needed for everyday life.

Environmental responsibility pervades every activity and is embodied in the use of renewable sources for the production of agroenergy. All the electrical and thermal energy used in the farm is born from the by-products of forests, farms and crops: wood is burned by a biomass boiler, while a bio-gases transform the manure and the silage of cereals into biogas.

And this is the love for this land to push Giuliana, Ninni and Catherine of Collalto together with her mother Trinidad and her husband Caterina, Lodovico Giustiniani, to engage with great passion of a unique heritage in the Veneto region. 'Goal to teach future generations to know and love the campaign, to give them one day a better place to live.

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